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The edge for your enriching future

IoT will greatly improve our lives by connecting all kinds of objects and information to networks. But can IoT evolve by continuing to rely solely upon cloud systems? The growing number of IoT devices is increasing the load involved in processing the array of data in the cloud. This creates six walls: vast amounts of data; privacy risks; latency in data transmission, processing, and analysis; high electric power consumption; service continuity; and security maintenance. How can we resolve them? Sony will launch a new edge AI sensing platform service called AITRIOS™.

Through this platform, it will be possible to develop optimal systems in which the edge and the cloud work together, and we aim to contribute to providing new value and solving problems for various industries.


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Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group Holds “Sense the Wonder Day” for Stakeholders.

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Bring together an environment for development

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AITRIOS brings together an environment for development, a marketplace, cloud-based services, and other elements a developer might need to create solutions in a single powerful platform.

By configuring sensors optimized for edge AI in a way made possible by Sony, the leader in image sensors, AITRIOS realizes solutions that offer high performance and reliability.

This one-stop platform offers tools and an environment that facilitate installation in a range of systems, including application and software development.

Use Cases

AITRIOS revolutionizes a variety of scenarios


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By analyzing various types of data in real time at a store, it helps streamline operations and boost sales while creating a comfortable retail environment for the customer.


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At production sites, AITRIOS offers sophisticated support for safety, product checks, and more. Here, where real-time performance is critical, data latency can be a problem, but not with AITRIOS.

Smart City

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Cities will also change dramatically. Whether it’s detecting parking or making transportation safe and comfortable, AITRIOS will help realize smart cities that respect privacy and the natural environment.


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AITRIOS can be used in a huge variety of other situations.

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